Hot Water Tanks 101: Understanding How Water Heater Elements Function


Without a functional water heater, you would have to deal with cold showers, which are not pleasant. It’s always essential to evaluate the condition of a water heater now and then to make sure nothing is wrong. Saskatoon homeowners have to deal with various problems that heaters face during their lifetime. Understanding the functioning of a water heater will aid in providing it with the care it needs. It will also be easier to call for specific HVAC services when you notice a problem. Here is a look at water heater thermostats and elements.

What they Do

Most electric water heaters in Saskatoon have two elements, upper and lower. The thermostat is what connects to an element. Two elements require town thermostats. When there is a problem with the thermostats/element feature, then a water heater may not provide enough hot water.


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